Adobe Illustrator is a vector editing program. I have used it nearly daily for over 10 years, but I am always learning something new.

I love to draw charaters in Illustrator, cartoon style, or more realistic like this Z1000SX below often taking about 15-20 hours of work to get the details right.

There is a powerful tool in the program that allows you to take a bitmap image and convert it to a vector. I've used it many times before but never really played about with the settings of it until I started my Graphic Design Diploma course. I usually use it to get an outline of an object and then fill in the rest by hand drawing.

Armed with my new knowledge i then started playing about with some images I had taken recently. What do you think of them?

This final image shows that the original photo has now been converted into a vector. I can now use this vector in future design work without any blurring.