Web Design & Development

With Samnooshka


We always aim to make designing and developing your new website as painless as possible.


Here is a brief guide of how we work with you to create a beautiful and intelligent site for your business.


Step 1 - A conversation & defining the problem


We always like to have a chat with our clients about what the project involves, their requirements and aims.


We always try to do this face-to-face, but we're happy to give you a call or Skype you if it's easier.


Step 2 - The proposed solution & quote


After our initial conversations, we will prepare a solution and a quote for you. This quote will be a fixed price to deliver all that has been agreed. Our starting prices for a simple HTML website start at £200.


Step 3 - Contract & Deposit


Before we begin, we'll send a contract over for you to sign with our terms and conditions. We ask for a 50% down payment in advance to book your project in.


Then we can get started.


Step 4 - Our requirements


We are now ready to start. There will be a few things we will need from you so we can work on a demo. This varies from project to project but the usual suspects are: your logo, relevant imagery, colour schemes and a guide to the any content you have, or need producing.


Step 5 - The demo


We create an initial design based on your objectives to make sure we're hitting them from day one.


We'll talk through this first demo with you so you can see our thought-process. It's important to be 100% honest with us at this point, as it is easier to make changes at this early stage than later.


The demo is then refined and we follow the same process until all parties are confident the project goals will be met.


Step 6 - The remaining pages


When the look of your new site has been confirmed, we move on to laying out the remaining pages and entering content. This will always been done as coded pages online.


We send you a link so you can see exactly how it will look when it's live on your desktop, mobile and tablet.


The same revision process happens with all the elements of your site.


Step 7 - Final sign off


As soon as all parties are happy with the design and build, it's time to launch.


If you have chosen a CMS website, we will send you the log in details for you to maintain your new website. If you have requested an HTML/CSS website we will send you the FTP details.

We will also kindly ask for a testimonial so we can add you to our portfolio.


Step 8 - Support & maintenance


We never see a site going live as a project being finished, the project is never truly finished and by continually evaluating we ensure the shelf-life of your site is long and profitable.


We check through stats and usage data as well as keeping an eye on new techniques, all with the aim to fully maximise your return on investment.


We are your digital partners and we look forward to working with you for years to come.

Published: Friday, 15 May 2015 15:01