Smith Family Concessions is a small business looking to expand from their catering business to a children's entertainment coordination company. As such, they're looking for a new branding to reflect the change, and to go with their new name, Smith Family Events.

The Smith Family is a booming small business, currently focusing on concessions for events and parties. Next quarter, they are looking to expand into an all out production company, focusing on children's parties and family events large and small. They want to handle not only the food, but logistics, entertainment, and activities.

The brief:

The Smith Family wants a branding package to bring them from catering to full on events. They're looking for a broad appeal design.

  • The branding should mostly focus on children.
  • They'd like a balloon to feature in the branding.
  • It should be a "fun" and "inviting" design.
  • No clowns!

Required information:

  • Include the colors Red and Orange
  • The logo must include the type: "Smith Family Events, LLC"


  • Logo
  • Mockups on a van
  • Business card designs
  • T-shirt mockup